We help Companies Profit from Extended Warranties, Service Contract and Product Guarantees

Extended warranties, service contracts and product guarantees are much misunderstood and companies either miss out on the opportunities completely, or fail to maximise the returns from their existing schemes.

Properly run, these schemes can be responsible for the larger part of bottom line profitability, adding many percentage points to gross overall profit margins even with very modest sales hit rates.

Using proven experience and industry specialists, WLM creates solutions that will enable companies to make improvements in both areas. Contact us for a chat.

Aftersales Management

In the current marketplace any reduction in cost is extremely valuable and WLM has the means to let companies achieve this. The WLM proposition enables companies to design a much stronger aftersales proposition at little additional cost

GoldShield Warranties

All maintenance agreements provided under the GoldShield Ten Year Warranty scheme are now provided and managed by WLM...

Dreams Guarantees

All Ten Year Guarantees and Bed Cover service contracts sold by Dreams Ltd are provided and managed by WLM.

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