In the current marketplace any reduction in cost is extremely valuable and WLM has the means to let companies achieve this

The WLM proposition enables companies to:

  • Understand why their aftersales problems occur and what to do about them
  • Dispel myths regarding customer expectations and rights
  • Design a much stronger aftersales proposition at little additional cost
  • Implement and manage enhanced cost control processes

The benefits to companies are as follows:

  • Major aftersales cost reduction
  • Enhanced customer proposition
  • Greatly improved supplier relationships
  • Massively improved customer service reputation
  • Enhanced sales staff morale
  • Increased sales of both goods and added value services
  • Large scale reductions in retail cost of service
  • Simplified logistics processes
  • Improved purchasing opportunities
  • Opportunity to market as a consumer champion

Best of all is that the net cost of making these changes is very modest against the potential benefits.

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aftersales management by david brock

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